3 Ways To Check Total Wine Gift Card Balance

total wine gift card balance

Discover 3 essential ways to efficiently check your Total Wine gift card balance and make the most of your wine shopping experience. Master the art today!


In the realm of gift-giving, Total Wine gift cards stand as a delightful token of appreciation. They grant the recipient access to a world of wines, spirits, and more. Yet, to fully relish the experience, one must grasp the art of managing their gift card balance. In this guide, we explore the nuances of checking your Total Wine gift card balance, the advantages it offers, and tips for making the most of this fine-tuned gift.

OnlineCheck Balance Online
Phone(866) 794-4839
In storeTotal Wine & More Store Locator
Table showing how to check Total Wine & More gift card balance

How to Check Your Total Wine Gift Card Balance Step by Step:

Here are the various methods of checking Total Wine & More gift card balance:

Step 1: Online Balance Inquiry

  • In the digital age, convenience is key. Start by visiting the Total Wine website.
  • Look for the “Check Gift Card Balance” option or click on this.
  • Enter your gift card details as prompted, which usually includes the card number and PIN.
  • With a few clicks, you can access your balance, ensuring you’re well-prepared for your next visit.
How to Check Your Total Wine Gift Card Balance online

Step 2: In-Store Balance Check

  • If you prefer the in-store shopping experience, head to your nearest Total Wine location.
  • Simply approach a staff member at the store.
  • Let them know you’d like to check your gift card balance.
  • They will assist you in checking your balance, possibly even providing wine recommendations to enhance your shopping experience.
How to Check Your Total Wine Gift Card Balance in store

Step 3: Customer Service Assistance

  • If technology isn’t your forte, there’s no need to worry.
  • Contact Total Wine’s customer service team (866) 794-4839
  • Provide them with your gift card details, which typically include the card number and PIN.
  • They will promptly furnish you with your balance information, ensuring you have all the details you need for your next visit.
How to Check Your Total Wine Gift Card Balance via customer care line

Advantages of Total Wine Gift Cards

Versatility in Shopping

One of the primary benefits of Total Wine gift cards is their versatility. From wine connoisseurs to craft beer aficionados, the gift card offers something for everyone. You can explore an extensive range of alcoholic beverages, accessories, and gourmet treats.

Perfect for Wine Enthusiasts

For wine enthusiasts, Total Wine is a treasure trove. The gift card allows you to discover a vast selection of wines from around the world, enhancing your wine-tasting journey. Explore exquisite bottles and vintages at your leisure.

Special Discounts and Promotions

Keep an eye out for special discounts and promotions that Total Wine often offers. These can provide you with additional value for your gift card, ensuring you get the most out of your wine shopping experience.

Common Issues and Solutions

Lost or Stolen Gift Cards

If your gift card goes missing or is stolen, report it immediately to Total Wine customer service. They can assist in securing your balance and potentially issue a replacement card.

Expired Gift Cards

Should you come across an expired gift card, don’t despair. Contact customer service; they might be able to help with reactivation or guide you on next steps.

Balance Discrepancies

If you notice a discrepancy in your balance, reach out to customer service for prompt resolution. Accuracy is paramount when it comes to your gift card funds.

Making the Most of Your Gift Card

Wine Recommendations

Total Wine staff members are knowledgeable and passionate about wine. Engage with them to get personalized wine recommendations that match your taste preferences and budget.

Wine Tasting Experiences

Many Total Wine locations offer wine tasting events. Use your gift card to explore these experiences, expanding your palate and knowledge of wine.

Budget-Friendly Shopping

Use your gift card strategically to make the most of your budget. Look for special deals and offers to maximize your purchase


In conclusion, a Total Wine gift card is a gateway to a world of delightful beverages and experiences. Managing your gift card balance ensures you can explore this world without missing a beat. Whether you’re a wine lover or someone who appreciates fine spirits, the Total Wine gift card adds flavor to your journey.

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