Speedway Gift Card Balance: A Comprehensive Guide 2023

How To Check Speedway Gift Card Balance

Discover the ultimate guide to Speedway gift card balance – check online or offline, troubleshoot issues, and maximize your Speedway experience. Your pit stop, demystified

Are you the lucky owner of a Speedway gift card or considering one as a present? Speedway gift cards offer the flexibility to fuel your ride or grab a snack on the go. However, to ensure a smooth experience, it’s vital to keep an eye on your gift card balance. In this detailed guide, we’ll navigate through the ins and outs of checking your Speedway gift card balance, both online and offline.

OnlineCheck Balance Online
In-storeSpeedWay Store Locator
Table showing how to check Speedway Gift Card Balance

Introduction to Speedway Gift Cards

Speedway gift cards aren’t just pieces of plastic; they’re gateways to convenient fueling, snacks, and more. Whether received as a gift or purchased for personal use, these cards simplify your transactions at Speedway locations.

The Significance of Monitoring Your Gift Card Balance

Checking your Speedway gift card balance is more than a routine; it’s a strategic move. Avoid the awkwardness of declined transactions by staying informed about your available balance. This guide will walk you through the various methods to keep your balance in check.

Various Methods to Check Your Speedway Gift Card Balance

Online Options for Speedway Gift Card Balance Check

Speedway Website: Quick and Easy

  1. Visit Speedway’s Official Website: Open your web browser and go to Speedway’s official site.
  2. Navigate to Gift Cards: Find the “Gift Cards” section on the website.
  3. Enter Card Details: Input your gift card number and PIN.
  4. Check Balance: Click on the “Check Balance” button to view your Speedway gift card balance.
Speedway Gift Card Balance online

Speedway Mobile App: Check On the Go

  1. Download the Speedway App: If you haven’t already, download the Speedway app from your app store.
  2. Sign In or Create an Account: Log in with your existing account or create a new one.
  3. Access Gift Card Section: Navigate to the “Gift Card” section within the app.
  4. Enter Card Information: Enter your Speedway gift card details to check your balance instantly.

Email Support for Balance Inquiries

Prefer written communication? Shoot Speedway’s customer support team an email with your gift card details, and they’ll promptly respond with your current balance.

Offline Ways to Check Your Speedway Gift Card Balance

In-Store Assistance

Visit any Speedway location, hand over your gift card, and the helpful staff will provide you with your current balance.

Checking Your Speedway Gift Card Balance in store

Customer Service Hotline: A Direct Line

  1. Dial Speedway’s Customer Service: Find the customer service hotline on the Speedway website or on the top of this blog post
  2. Follow the Prompts: Navigate through the automated prompts to inquire about your gift card balance.
  3. Provide Card Details: Enter the necessary information when prompted.
  4. Receive Balance Information: Listen to the automated response for your Speedway gift card balance.
 Checking Your Speedway Gift Card Balance in store by calling the customer care line

Reviewing Purchase Receipts

If you’ve kept your purchase receipt, check for the Speedway gift card balance details. Some receipts include a QR code or a website link for easy balance verification.

Troubleshooting Common Speedway Gift Card Balance Issues

What If Your Balance Doesn’t Show Up?

  1. Double-Check Information: Ensure you’ve entered the correct card number and PIN.
  2. Retry After Some Time: Temporary glitches happen; wait for a while and try again.
  3. Contact Customer Support: If the problem persists, reach out to Speedway’s customer support for assistance.

Lost or Stolen Cards: What to Do

Report the loss immediately to Speedway’s customer support. They can often freeze the remaining balance and issue a replacement card.

Understanding Expiry Dates and Limitations

Speedway gift cards typically do not have an expiration date, and there are no additional fees. However, using them promptly is advisable to avoid any unforeseen issues.

Maximizing Your Speedway Gift Card Experience

Regular Balance Checks: Smart Shopping

Make it a habit to check your Speedway gift card balance regularly. This practice allows you to plan your pit stops effectively.

Combining Multiple Gift Cards

If you have multiple Speedway gift cards with varying balances, combine them into a single card for seamless transactions.

Gifting Speedway Cards: Tips and Tricks

Speedway gift cards make thoughtful presents. Additionally, they are easy to redeem both in-store and at the pump. When gifting, include a small note explaining the card’s versatility.

Security Measures for Speedway Gift Cards

Data Protection: Your Privacy Matters

Speedway prioritizes the security of your gift card details. Your information is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Recognizing and Avoiding Scams

While Speedway is committed to security, be cautious of unsolicited requests for gift card details. Speedway will never ask for this information via email or phone calls.

Safeguarding Your Personal Information

When checking your Speedway gift card balance online, ensure you are on a secure and trusted network. Avoid using public Wi-Fi to protect your personal details.


In conclusion, monitoring your Speedway gift card balance is a small yet crucial step towards a hassle-free experience. By utilizing the methods outlined in this guide, you can effortlessly check your balance, ensuring every pit stop is smooth and enjoyable.

What steps should I take if my Speedway gift card is lost or stolen?

Report the loss to Speedway’s customer support immediately to protect your remaining balance.

Is there an expiration date for Speedway gift cards?

Typically, Speedway gift cards do not have an expiration date.

Can I combine the balances of multiple Speedway gift cards?

Yes, you can combine multiple Speedway gift cards into a single card for convenience.

Are there any fees associated with checking my gift card balance?

No, checking your Speedway gift card balance is a free service provided by Speedway.

How can I protect myself from Speedway gift card scams?

Be cautious of unsolicited requests for gift card details and use secure networks when checking your balance online. Speedway will never ask for your gift card information via email or phone calls.

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