How to Get Gift Cards: A Comprehensive Guide for Smart Shoppers [2024]

how to get gift cards
how to get gift cards

Learn how to get gift cards in Nigeria and explore various methods, including auction sites, brand websites, convenience shops, and resellers. Discover how to get free gift cards through paid online surveys. Find tips on maximizing the value of gift cards and using them for special occasions. A comprehensive guide for smart shoppers

How to Get Gift Cards in Nigeria

Auction Sites

One of the ways to acquire gift cards is through online auction sites. These platforms often have a wide range of gift cards available for purchase. You can bid on your favorite gift cards or buy them instantly, depending on the auction site’s features. Just make sure to buy from reputable sellers to avoid any scams or fraudulent activities. one very reputable sources of auction gift card is ebay

Brand’s Official Website

Many brands and retailers offer gift cards on their official websites. Simply visit the website of the brand you are interested in, and you might find a dedicated section for gift cards. You can choose the gift card value and have it delivered to your or the recipient’s email. Some brands even provide physical gift cards that can be sent via mail.

Convenience Shops

In some regions, gift cards are available for purchase at convenience shops and supermarkets. These shops often have a selection of popular gift cards from various brands. It’s a quick and easy way to get a gift card if you are in a hurry or don’t want to make an online purchase. examples of convenience shops to get gift cards are Chevron Texaco, Circle K, Kwik Fill, 7-Eleven


There are online platforms and physical stores where individuals sell their unwanted gift cards or gift card sent to them by family or friends in diaspora at a discounted price. These resellers offer an opportunity to purchase gift cards for less than their face value. However, be cautious and verify the authenticity of the gift card before making a purchase.

how to get a gift card

Convert Reward Points to Gift Cards

Some loyalty and reward programs allow you to redeem accumulated points for gift cards. If you are a frequent shopper or have credit cards with reward systems, check if they offer gift cards as redemption options. It’s a great way to get gift cards without spending additional money.

How to Get Free Gift Cards

Take Paid Online Surveys

Participating in paid online surveys is a popular method to earn free gift cards. Many market research companies and survey platforms offer rewards in the form of gift cards for providing your opinions on various topics. While it may not make you rich, it can certainly help you save money on your next shopping spree.

How to Get Gift Cards Online

E-commerce Platforms

Apart from brand websites, many e-commerce platforms offer a wide selection of gift cards. You can find gift cards from multiple brands in one place, making it convenient for gift shopping.

Digital Gift Cards

Digital gift cards are becoming increasingly popular, allowing you to receive gift cards via email or a mobile app. They are quick to deliver and can be redeemed easily at online stores.

Bulk Gift Card Purchases

Some retailers offer discounts or incentives for bulk gift card purchases. If you plan to give multiple gift cards as presents, consider buying them in bulk to save money.

How to Get Gift Cards for Special Occasions

Gift Cards for Birthdays

When searching for the perfect birthday gift, consider giving a gift card. It allows the recipient to choose something they truly want, making it a thoughtful present.

Gift Cards for Holidays

During holiday seasons, many retailers offer special holiday-themed gift cards. These can make great presents and add a festive touch to your gifts.

Gift Cards for Weddings

Gift cards are a practical and appreciated gift for weddings. They give the newlyweds the flexibility to purchase items they need for their new life together.


How to Maximize the Value of Gift Cards

Stackable Coupons and Discounts

Look for opportunities to use gift cards in combination with coupons and discounts to maximize your savings on purchases.

Buying Discounted Gift Cards

Consider purchasing discounted gift cards from reputable websites or resellers to get more value for your money.

Trading Gift Cards with Friends

If you have gift cards you don’t plan to use, consider trading them with friends or family members who might find them useful.


Gift cards offer a flexible and convenient gifting solution, allowing recipients to choose the items they truly desire. In this article, we’ve explored different ways on how to get gift cards in Nigeria, including using auction sites, brand websites, convenience shops, and resellers. Additionally, we’ve discussed how to get free gift cards through paid online surveys. By employing these methods, you can become a smart shopper and make the most out of gift card opportunities.

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