3 ways to check toys r us gift card balance

toys r us gift card balance
toys r us gift card balance

Unlock the joy of hassle-free shopping with Toys “R” Us gift cards. Check balances, learn tips, and discover the future of gifting.

Have you ever received a Toys “R” Us gift card and found yourself wondering about the remaining balance? In this guide, we’ll delve into the importance of checking your Toys “R” Us gift card balance, various methods to do so, common issues, and tips to maximize your shopping experience. Let’s unwrap the joy of hassle-free shopping with Toys “R” Us gift cards.

OnlineCheck Balance Online
Customer Service Assistance(1) 800-869-7787
In-Storetoys r us Store Locator
Above is a Table Showing the three(3) ways to check toys r us gift card balance

Toys “R” Us Gift Card

Only a few in the United States and Canada will say they’ve not heard about Toys “R” Us.

It is a trendy store for toys, clothes, and baby stuff in the United States and Canada and is owned by Tru Kids, Inc.

The company started in 1957 and opened its first store in April 1948.

The company’s main office is in Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey, in the New York metropolitan area.

Toys “R” Us allows you to make purchases with their gift cards.

How to check your Toys R Us Gift Card Balance

There are many ways you can check your Toys R Us gift card balance; we’re going to look at some of these ways.

Check Online:

Checking your Toys R gift card balance online is one of the fastest and easiest ways to check your balance.

To go through the online process, the most important thing you need is to get a mobile gadget equipped with Internet connections.

If you have your mobile device and it’s already connected to the Internet, then the problem is already half solved; all you have to do is follow the steps we’re going to outline below.

  • visit the official toys R us website
  • scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • Under Gift services, click of Gift cards
How to check your Toys R Us Gift Card Balance online
toys r us gift card balance

Visit a Store:

For those who want to avoid going through the first process mentioned above, don’t worry; you can also check your Toys R Us gift card balance by visiting any shops around your location. You must go through the following process to check your balance through their stores.

  • Firstly, you will need to make use of this link Store Locator. The store locator will help you find nearby Toys “R” Us stores where you can quickly check your balance.
  • Once you have access to the locator, all you have to do is type in your street address, city, Province or Postal code and click “FIND STORE”
  • Many results will be displayed to you. Choose the closest store from the results to check your balance.
How to check your Toys R Us Gift Card Balance using store locator

Contact Customer Service:

Another way you can check your gift card balance on Toys R Us gift card balance is to contact their customer service officially. To get them, take the following steps.

  • Put a Call across to 1-800-869-7787 for easy customer support.
  • Immediately after you establish communication with them, you must pay close attention to the instructions provided by customer support.
  • You’ll see various options to choose from; you should select the option for card balance; you will be requested to enter your card number; do it and wait until you get informed about your gift card balance.
Checking Toys R Us Gift Card Balance via phone

How to Check Gift Card Balance On Closed Toys “R” Us Accounts

If you have an older Toys “R” Us or Babies “R” Us gift card from before, you can still find out how much money is left on it. All you have to do is to follow these steps:

You will need to Visit the Support Site:

  1. Go to the Toys “R” Us gift card support site.

Enter Card Details:

  1. Enter your gift card information to check for any remaining funds.

Options for Closed Accounts with Balances

If your account is closed but still has money in it, don’t worry; you still have choices to make:

Transfer to a New Card:

● You can transfer the remaining funds to a new gift card.

Request a Refund:

● Also, you can request a refund for the remaining balance.

Remember you need to act promptly, as the funds on closed accounts are available for a limited time after liquidation.

Some Troubleshooting Issues Checking Balance

Checking your Toys R Us gift card balance is usually straightforward, but if you encounter problems, try these solutions:

Switch Devices or Browsers:

  1. If the online balance check isn’t working, try again on a different browser or device. There might be a temporary technical issue.

Double-Check Card Details:

  1. Ensure you enter the correct gift card number and PIN to avoid errors.

Contact Customer Service Assistance:

  1. If the phone system can’t locate your account, you must ask a customer service representative for help.

Manual Entry at the Store:

  1. If the barcode won’t scan at the store, ask the cashier to enter your gift card number manually.

Contact Customer Service:

  1. Alternatively, you can contact Toys R Us customer service for more support.

Checking your Toys R Us gift card balance is quick, whether online, through phone, or in-store. 

Now that you know your balance, you can enjoy new toys, baby items, video games, and more. 

Just ensure you keep an eye on your balance through easy checks; you can use the total value before your gift card expires.


In this blog post, we’re able to discuss everything you need to know about checking your Toys R Us gift card balance.

With its roots reaching back to 1957, it continues to be a favourite for families who are looking for toys and essentials for little ones. 

Thanks to their strategic location in Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey, within the vibrant New York metropolitan area.

One thing with the company is that it stays connected to the latest trends, especially for those holding a Toys “R” Us gift card; it’s a ticket to massive shopping. 

Once you keep an eye on your balance, you’re all set for an excellent shopping experience at Toys “R” Us.

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